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‘No point in fighting it, Tom,’ Georgina told him. ‘You’re a hero, a genuine icon, every bit as much as Hilary, the All Blacks, and the ANZACS.’

‘Sssssssst!’ Tom exclaimed, making the sign of the cross. ‘God save us from the holy trinity!’


Wellington, New Zealand, 2023. Tensions are escalating in the South Pacific and the latest global financial crisis has brought New Zealand to its knees. From his Bee Hive office on the ninth floor, Prime Minister Michael Armstrong plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse.


In this intricate tale of geo-political chicanery, the author presents us with a disturbing vision of a dystopian future.


New Zealand Political Thriller


                  D A CROSSMAN




Brighton, UK, 1984. On the eve of the Conservative Party conference, Matt Waters is on a mission; find the book of names, an invaluable list of secret identities. Of course there are other interested parties: Mossad, Odessa, the IRA, and an army of Tamil Tigers. And what of the gangster’s captivating wife, the mercurial chanteuse at the Black Peacock Club?


He’s fresh out of prison and he’s a black man in a white man’s world. Matt Waters has one last chance to redeem himself….

The author has really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. Action packed from start to finish.’ – Diane L amazon top 100 reviewer.


*This book was originally published as The Black Peacock Club.




New Zealand 1998. Eight years after eluding the British police, ex drug dealer Mark Mitchell has a new identity and a quiet life in a backwater Canterbury town. But when his wife is brutally attacked, Mark’s new life begins to seriously unravel. Mark sets out for revenge but he gets more than he bargained for when the hunt for his wife’s assailants leads to the discovery of a criminal conspiracy.


Set against the political background of the times, ‘The last days at White Cloud Air’ is a tale of one man’s resolve in a deadly game of blackmail, extortion, and murder.

'Dialogue whips back and forth and description is quick and clear. There's some really original writing here that's as compelling as the punchy, sexy plot.' - Editorial Review Towerbabel Books.

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Detective Mystery

ChristchurchQuake: TheRedZone...

       Cover photograph by Geoff Trotter

The Māori Detective

He’s lost his wife, his job, and his mana. So what now? A PI? He really couldn’t get used to it. Traipsing around after unfaithful wives and little old ladies’ lost dogs? Was this the future for Carlos Wallace? And what of the beautiful matakite? Wasn’t it a sin to fall in love with your cousin?

Carlos has spent thirteen years living in Australia, eight of them as a serving officer with the New South Wales Police. But when he kills a man in the line of duty, Carlos’ life begins to unravel. His wife is subsequently murdered in mysterious circumstances, and Carlos is dismissed from the force. A devastated Carlos returns home to his Christchurch whānau and takes up a job as a private detective.

When Carlos investigates the disappearance of a young French girl, missing since the February earthquake, the detective becomes embroiled in a sinister conspiracy. Carlos must solve the case and pick up the pieces of his life among the ruins of a devastated city.






When bored housewife, Estelle Vincent, discovers her husband’s infidelity, her life is turned upside down. Estelle is stalked by a rapist, seduced by the boy next door, and blackmailed by an unscrupulous reporter. Forced to work as a courtesan at an exclusive club, Estelle must find a way to protect her illicit secrets and defend her precarious reputation.       



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