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David (D.A.) Crossman is a novelist and short story writer with a passion for flawed detectives, sinister spies, and les femmes fatales. English on his father’s side and Norwegian on his mother’s, David was born in South Africa and raised in South East London. David spent a number of years as an itinerant worker and he has resided in France, Israel, India, and Australia before settling down in rural New Zealand where he now lives with his family and their clowder of cats. He is currently employed (without remuneration) by his children as a cook, chauffeur, cleaner, gardener, and general dogsbody. When he isn’t ‘singing’ disharmoniously to the soundtrack of loud progressive rock music or shouting intemperately at the football on the TV, David can be found staring absently at the blank computer screen in the study.

An open page...

DACrossman NewZealandFiction

I'm on the other side of 60

I live in rural New Zealand

We have a lot of cats

I support West Ham, England, and the All Whites

Favourite author: Patricia Highsmith

Favourite album: Argus by Wishbone Ash


Favourite Singer: Karen Carpenter

Heroes: Bobby Moore, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali


Person(s) I'd most like to meet: Jacinda Ardern, Tulsi Gabbard


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